Color Me Yogic  - Color Trends in Yoga Accessories

Color Me Yogic - Color Trends in Yoga Accessories

Published by Three Minute Egg on 8th May 2015

We love color — rich colors, bright colors, and colors that inspire. When it comes to our Yoga Eggs, rather than trying to keep up with the masses, we like to blaze our own colorful trail.

How do we choose our colors?

All of our Egg colors are selected with both aesthetics and function in mind. While the color options for square yoga blocks tend to be limited, and a little boring, Egg colors are deliberately fun because using the Eggs is also fun. Yoga Eggs are intended to take people beyond the utilitarian approach to yoga props and towards a practice of playful and constructive creativity on the mat.

As a visual aid, Three Minute Egg ® signature colors help the Eggs stand out so that you can find them easily when you’re doing your yoga practice. We intentionally offer our Hard-Boiled Eggs in shades of gray to complement all our other Egg colors, since everyone should have a combination of hard and soft Eggs.

Inspiration from the Yoga Tradition

One trend we’ve developed is correlating our Three Minute Egg ® colors to the colors generally associated with the chakras. This way, you can match your Yoga Eggs to the chakra (or chakras) you wish to align with. Here is a list of Chakras and their corresponding Egg colors:

  • 1st Chakra • Root Chakra • Rose Red
  • 2nd Chakra • Sacral Chakra • Tibetan Orange
  • 3rd Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra Gold
  • 4th Chakra Heart Chakra Green
  • 5th Chakra Throat Chakra Teal Green
  • 6th Chakra • Third Eye Chakra Desert Sky
  • 7th Chakra Crown Charka Purple 

Inspiration from Mother Earth

Sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical and organic continue to be trendy topics for yoga accessories in 2015. Now that Three Minute Egg ® produces ECO Eggs made of 100 percent biodegradable materials, all you have to do is pick the color you want, and you can feel guilt-free about your yoga accessories purchase.

The ECO Egg color options that remind us of Mother Earth in all her splendor are in demand. Gold and Green ECO Eggs will match your earthy yoga wear, while the Pink and Purple ECO Eggs match your colorful spring outfits.

Many yoga accessories come in natural shades and hues, ranging from mushroom and dark brown to Pantone’s earthy color of the year: Marsala, a deep burgundy. For those of you who prefer to blend in — really blend in —some trends in yoga colors point to camo. Yes, camouflage. It may not be a choice for everyone, but yoga appeals to a broad range of practitioners (camo Eggs anyone?). If you like earth tones, our Yoga Eggs come in earthy Dijon and Pink Adobe.

Did you know? Desert Sky and Pink Adobe Eggs are an homage to New Mexico, where 3ME inventor, Jason Scholder is originally from. (photo credit: REMEMNERED EARTH

Colorful Eggcessories

Carry your Eggs in a functional and fashionable duffel bag from Three Minute Egg ®. Egg duffles come in 3 different fabric options. Whether you like to stand out from the crowd with your wildly vivacious yoga accessories or prefer to sublimely mingle in your yoga studio by carrying shades of gray, you’ll find the yoga color trends for 2015 and Three Minute Egg ® yoga accessories can accommodate your preferences and your personal style.

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