​Can Yoga Improve Your Sex Life?

​Can Yoga Improve Your Sex Life?

Published by Three Minute Egg on 6th Feb 2015

YES… but… if you’re looking for an article that details kinky uses for yoga bolsters and belts… well, let us know and we’ll write that article!

But seriously, yoga can improve your sex life. While this may not be its intended purpose, there is definitely a connection between practicing yoga and having better sex. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine (Volume 7, Issue 2pt2), “yoga appears to be an effective method of improving all domains of sexual functions in women.” There are many benefits for men as well. And for couples, yoga can improve intimacy resulting in a deeper and more meaningful experience for both people.

How Yoga Delivers

Many forms of physical exercise, including yoga, can improve your sex drive — whether you use yoga bolsters or not! Regular exercise increases your overall energy level, facilitates blood flow to your organs and increases the level of endorphins and testosterone in your body. Healthy blood flow enhances libido and sexual arousal. Testosterone in both men and women delivers more powerful orgasms.

Yoga provides benefits that extend beyond physical. Here are some examples that explain the connection between yoga and better sex:

  • More physical energy, stamina, and flexibility. Regular asana (posture) practice increases both strength and flexibility. This can lead to more stamina, confidence, and ability while having sex.
  • Greater body awareness. Yoga enhances our ability to move with greater awareness. In yoga class we practice listening to our bodies, moving mindfully, and we gain better understanding of our physical self. More body awareness means improved physical control in the bedroom.
  • More Confidence. Improved self-image is a natural result of regular physical exercise. Yoga practice promotes self-inquiry, compassion and understanding that helps boost self-confidence as well. This is essential both to being a good partner and to enjoying sex yourself.
  • Increased function of reproductive organs. Certain yoga poses such as Garudasana (Eagle) and Supta Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle), increase blood flow and energy to the hips, groin and pelvis as well as the reproductive organs, improving their function.
  • An open heart. Yoga poses like Bhujangasana (Cobra) are considered “heart openers” as they awaken or stimulate the subtle energy of the heart chakra, our center of love and connection.
  • Breathing and pelvic floor. Yoga breathing exercises, and many yoga poses for that matter, help to tone the muscles of the pelvic floor, an area that is directly connected to sexual function.
  • A deeper connection. Couples yoga, where yoga poses are done with your partner, can help build trust and a deeper physical and emotional bond.
  • More calm and less stress/anxiety. For many, sex is just as mental/emotional as it is physical. The relaxation component of yoga helps us to be better able to let go and enjoy experiences.
  • More presence and intimacy. The mindfulness and improved concentration that comes from regular yoga practice can create a more sensual and deeper experience with your partner.

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