Thrive Pink Eggs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This time of year brings us together for many reasons, often in the spirit of community, to reflect and show appreciation for one another. During the month of October, we gather our resources as a global community to look for ways to contribute to the search for a cure for cancer and to help support those who have cancer.

Namastegg Starter Kit ThriveAbout 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. With this statistic working out to be approximately 12%, we feel the need to be a part of the growing movement to support survivors of breast cancer through the healing practice yoga. In 2013 we developed the Thrive Egg. 10% of gross sales from this special edition Pink Namastegg is donated directly to organizations that support people in thriving after a breast cancer diagnosis.

You can help by adding some Thrive Eggs to your collection. You may also become an “Egg Donor” by purchasing Eggs you would like donated to specific organizations. We can ship to them directly on your behalf.

Thank you for joining us in support of thrivers this October and for helping us contribute to making a difference in their lives and the lives of many women in the future.

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Black Dog Asana Reviews Three Minute Egg®

The Incredible (Non)Edible Egg


We would like to send our sincere thanks to Maggie of Black Dog Asana for saying such nice things about us on her blog. In her post about Three Minute Egg, Maggie reviews the Yogi Meal Starter Kit, including our Special Edition Alignment & Flow DVD. Here’s an excerpt:

“One yoga block provider has attained an enlightened perspective on this issue and has developed an ergonomic yoga support that perfectly answers our various complaints about the typical yoga block. The Three Minute Egg is shaped differently. Using the body as its inspiration this yoga support is perfect for yogis of all shapes and sizes, degrees of flexibility and strength. It works as an alignment aid, and when used as its name suggests – just three minutes a day can improve your posture. An easy three minutes a day in the morning or after you get home from work with these eggs is all it takes to live a healthier, happier and more flexible life. With the longer series from Three Minute Egg you’ll begin to realize these benefits even sooner. For the experienced yogis, ready for the more challenging poses these eggs provide stability or an added platform from which to try the poses or to make a more simple pose challenging.”

Thanks, Maggie!

Read the full review

Honoring BKS Iyengar

In Honor of Mr. Iyengar

As some of you may already know, BKS Iyengar left the physical body on the 20th of August in India. Mr. Iyengar was one of the most influential yogis of all time, and is personally responsible for what most of us view as proper alignment in the physical practice of yoga. He wrote countless books, and dedicated his entire life to further understanding the human body and how yoga can cure its many ills. He also wrote in great detail about some of yoga’s more subtle and abstract philosophies. His book Light on Life is a work of prose that reads like a beautiful poem.

BKS Iyengar Yoga Class

“Live before you die, so that death is also a lively celebration.”
-Guruji, B.K.S. Iyengar (from Light on Life)

I have had the good fortune to meet and study with many Iyengar Yoga teachers. I always leave the room feeling better than when I arrived, and having achieved something in my practice of which I would not have thought myself capable. In January 2012, I spent the better part of a month in Pune, India, thanks to the support and recommendation of my good friend and mentor, Joan White. It was one of the most evolutionary experiences of my life.

Mr Iyengar invented the concept of using props in yoga, and were it not for him, I would never have been led to develop the Egg. So, the fact that I’m writing to you now is directly attributable to his influence. Such is the work of a truly great teacher.

My gratitude goes out to Mr. Iyengar for a life of dedication and integrity, to all who continue the work he began, and to all of you who have become pillars of support as I live my dharma through what has become my yoga.




Joan White is certified by BKS Iyengar at the Advanced level and has been studying with the Iyengar family since 1973. To learn more about Joan or to see her full teaching schedule visit

If you’d like to read my blog series, which chronicles my trip to India in 2012, it can be found here on the 3ME blog under A Yogi Abroad


Introducing Junior Eggs!

Namastegg and Junior Teal

After years of patience, some begging, and numerous customer requests, I am excited at last to announce the release of the Junior Egg! Juniors have the same shape as our Classic Namastegg, but they’re a couple of inches smaller.

Why 2 sizes of Eggs? 

When I made my first Eggs out of wood there were actually 2 sizes. One was just a bit smaller than the other and both had their advantages. The Namastegg provided a really expansive heart opening, but on mornings where I just didn’t have that much backbend in me, I’d lay over the slightly smaller Junior Eggs instead. I wanted to bring them both out right away, but my trusted advisors wouldn’t let me. There were right. Now, however the Junior Egg’s time has come!

Namastegg and Junior PurpleWho should have Junior Eggs and why?

Well, obviously I’m going to say ‘everybody,’ but I will narrow it down a little for you. Junior Eggs are perfect for young people, old people, less flexible people, people under 5’5″… and almost anyone using Eggs for Viparita Karani (Legs Up the Wall). I am particularly excited because Junior Eggs are so great for kids.  Yoga is being taught in many schools now. I even witnessed a game recently of Red Light, Green Light that somehow involved Down Dog, Tree Pose and a Seated Forward Fold. As Juniors are a little lighter, a little smaller, and a bit more manageable for young hands, yoga kids will feel totally empowered having Eggs that fit their growing bodies! Teachers will love the Juniors because they’ll offer kids a point of focus for their practice. Getting a room full of kids to sit still is tough. Getting them to sit on Eggs is easy!

Namastegg and Junior Tibetan OrangeHow are they used?

I would say that apart from kids  or people with small hands using them for everything, grown-ups will particularly like them for their therapeutic and restorative values.  Eggs fit in places most other props can’t, and Junior Eggs fit those places even better. Therapeutic yoga teachers will appreciate being able to better moderate the support they give their clients, and their clients will benefit greatly from these subtle adjustments.

Can I choose my colors? [...] more

The Beauty of Beginner’s Mind – Review of Three Minute Egg® Workshops & Product

Letitia - Prayer

“Jason’s workshops changed the way
I use props when I teach.”

As a Purna Yoga instructor, I have an abiding love for props. They can make poses more accessible either by filling in space or acting as extensors, or they can help practitioners understand action in a pose by providing contact sensation to give direction. And while the Three Minute Egg® seemed like a nice enough prop to backbend over, I didn’t understand the range of its applications until attending a workshop with Jason Scholder.  Put simply, Jason Scholder’s Three Minute Egg® workshops changed the way I use props when I teach.  As a result, my students are learning more, reconnecting with beginner’s mind in the process, and making new discoveries in their practices. Previously I saw the Egg as just another prop in the arsenal, but now it has become the first tool I reach for.

As the adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention. This seems especially true of Jason Scholder and his creation of the Three Minute Egg® as a prop to relieve chronic back pain. For some, this would be the end of the story. Jason creates a prop, uses it to treat his back pain, and a new prop joins the pantheon of yoga props suited for therapeutic purposes. [...] more


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