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Using Ergonomic Yoga Blocks by Three Minute Egg @ to Protect Your Wrists

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Among the best yoga accessories for your body

Everyone knows that regular yoga practice benefits your long-term health. In the short-term, however, you may experience many things, including some unexpected and even unpleasant (but fairly common) side-effects of getting to know the postures and your body. From a tweaked shoulder, a sore wrist or perhaps an injured ego, these perceived set-backs can actually provide you with the opportunity to take your yoga practice to the next level –– with yoga props!

Three Minute Egg® yoga accessories can come to your rescue both to help you heal (while still allowing you to do your yoga) and to prevent further injuries. Because Yoga Eggs are ergonomic, unlike a square yoga block, they are one of the best yoga accessories to protect your body from harm on your yoga mat. Also, using yoga props improves proprioception (how we perceive our bodies in space). And the side-effects of taking time to mindfully explore the relationship of the posture, your breath, and your body, are much more desirable –– increased awareness, better alignment, improved stamina, and most importantly, safety.

Wrist Support Where and How You Need It

Your wrists are susceptible to injury in yoga and certain aspects of our modern lifestyles can add to this vulnerability.­­ Tight shoulders from either poor posture, stress, or lack of movement can effect your alignment and possibly put a lot of stress on your wrists, especially in weight-bearing poses like Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog). So, consider your overall alignment in order to balance the yoga postures in a way that is more sustainable and safe for your wrists. For example, use Eggs under your hands in Downward Facing Dog (cheating the Eggs forward slightly as pictured) to relieve pressure and open up the angle of your wrists. Use Eggs under your forearms to stabilize your shoulders. Use an Egg under your head to relax and lengthen your neck. An Egg in between your thighs in Down Dog brings your attention to the actions of your legs and hips. From there, it is easier to feel the position of your pelvis and spine and really open up the whole pose for your wrists! We could go on and on … and on!

Protecting Your Wrists in Yoga

For every yoga pose that may potentially strain your wrists, there is a way to use Three Minute Egg ® yoga accessories for better alignment and support. It’s is one of the very best yoga accessories for protecting your wrists. Here are a few additional resources to help you incorporate yoga props, advance your practice, and protect your wrists:

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