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Three Minute Egg

Buyer's Guide

Now that you’ve decided you want some yoga Eggs, there’s a good chance you have a few questions. Can I get any colors I want? Why are there different densities? Is there wholesale pricing for yoga studios and yoga teachers? If you really want to understand the Eggs, read this whole guide. If you just want us to tell you what to buy so you can start practicing as soon as possible, get the:

Yogi Meal if you want the DVD

Breakfast of Yogis if you don’t


STUDIOS should look at the Yin Yang Scrambled Eggs if you want both Hard-Boiled & Soft Eggs, or the Medium Density Scrambled Eggs if you just want one versatile Egg that can provide both dynamic and restorative support for most bodies. 


Three Minute Egg® Signature Colors


Density Guidelines in a Nutshell: 

We currently offer 3 densities in both Namastegg and Junior Sizes. 

  • Soft Namasteggs – Optimal for anyone wanting to do Restorative yoga – Minimum of 4 recommended
  • Medium Namasteggs -  Versatile for all around use. Good for studios who want to simplify their collection or individuals wanting only 2 Eggs. Supportive enough in weight-bearing poses for people up to 140 lbs. Comfortable enough for restorative poses held for short periods of time (up to 3 minutes). 2-8 recommended
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs- Ideal for all weight bearing poses. Not recommended for restorative or backbends over 30 seconds. Critical for anyone over 170 lbs. 2-4 recommended (not available in Eco Eggs at this time)


Our Classic Namasteggs are all the same size and shape, but they vary in density to accommodate different uses and needs.

  • hard-boiled-eggs-color-names-300x300.jpgHard-Boiled Eggs (only available in Gray — Slate or Charcoal) are harder and a bit heavier. The fact that they are harder makes them ideally suited for Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Alignment-focused yoga practices. The difference in hardness is important and noticeable. The difference in weight (unless you’re carrying dozens at once) is not.  The general principle is this: if the Eggs are in your hands (think Upward Facing Dog), and your weight is on the Eggs (or any arm-balancing pose), you want those Eggs to be Hard-Boiled. For the most part, 2 is enough, although if you need some under your feet as well, you may want 4. If you’re standing on an Egg, it absolutely needs to be Hard-Boiled.
  • Soft Eggs are supportive but comfortable, and therefore ideal for yin/restorative yoga, seniors, and anyone who wants to lie down on Eggs. If the Eggs are supporting your head, spine, ribs, or chest (think Supported Back Bends or Forward Restorative Twist) and you’re planning to stay there a while, you will be more comfortable and better able to relax into the slightly softer Eggs (available in most colors other than Gray). A minimum of 4 is recommended (3 under the back/chest and one under the head). This golden ratio of 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs to 4 Soft-Boiled Eggs is what led us to create the Breakfast of Yogis and Yogi Meal (the only difference being that the Yogi Meal comes with our introductory DVD).
  • Medium Density Eggs are exactly that. They come in all Namastegg colors and are ideal for studios who just want one type of Egg to keep things simple, and individuals wanting only 2 Eggs. Having said that, if you are buying Medium Density Eggs for your studio, be sure to add at least a few pairs of Hard-Boiled Eggs for your heavier students. Anyone over 170 pounds will be happier with Hard-Boiled Eggs. Medium Density Eggs will prove most versatile overall, and be supportive enough in weight-bearing poses for people weighing less than 140 pounds.

Junior Eggs

namastegg-and-junior-desert-sky-2.jpgJunior Eggs come in all colors and densities. Juniors are exactly the same proportions and shape as our classic Namasteggs, but they are a couple of inches smaller. Junior Eggs are ideal for kids, and anyone with a smaller frame. If you are under 5′ 5″, you may be happier doing backbends on Junior Eggs. If you like laying on your back with your legs up the wall, there is no better fit for just about any size person than the Junior Egg. Juniors are also recommended for seniors and people with less flexibility in their spine. They are less dramatic to lay over and hence make supported backbends that much more accessible. All studios should have at least a half-dozen Junior Eggs, and of course more is always better if you have large classes. You should be thinking 2-4 Juniors per student who needs them. Learn about the origins of Junior Eggs on our blog.

Eco Eggs

eco-stack.jpgEco Eggs are made with a special type of foam that is 100% biodegradable. They are specifically designed to break down most efficiently in a landfill setting. This means that while the Eggs themselves and any foam waste leftover from manufacturing will disappear much faster in the earth, they will last every bit as long during everyday use. Our first batch of Eco Eggs are available in Green, Pink, and Purple in both Soft and Medium Densities.

Branded Eggs

yoga-fit-purple-80x80.jpgBranded Eggs offer Three Minute Egg® an opportunity to partner with you for our mutual benefit. Your logo goes on one side, ours goes on the other, and together we promote each other’s brands. To learn more about this opportunity, check out our page dedicated to Branded Eggs.



special-edition-dvd-image-580-06931.1411145432.1280.1280.jpgOur Special Edition Alignment & Flow DVD is a terrific introduction to the Three Minute Egg®. This DVD is comprised of 2 practices with complete menus. Each practice is 27 minutes long, and they may be done separately or together. The Alignment practice (which you should definitely do first) will teach you 21 ways to get comfortable using the Eggs. The Flow practice will add several new postures, and help you integrate the Eggs into a dynamic practice. This DVD is suitable for all levels of yoga. There are a few poses that may prove challenging at first. There’s no need to be discouraged. You can modify or work on them slowly and look forward to learning them over time. Both practices are accessible routines you can do every day from home. 



3me-bp-ya-image-3cu.jpgAll of our Retail Packages (up to 9 Eggs) come with our 3ME Signature Backpack. Each backpack holds up to 6 Eggs. Groups of 8 or 9 Eggs come with 2 backpacks.



Duffle Bags

Duffle Bags are ideal for Teachers on the go. They have been custom-designed to hold 12, 24 & 36 Eggs and come in 3 different colors.



Yin Yang Sets

yogi-meal-tibetan-orange.jpgNow that you understand the differences, what should you actually buy? The best deals going (and our top sellers these days) can be found in our Yin & Yang section. The most popular of these is the Yogi Meal. This package comes with 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs (Slate & Charcoal Gray only), 4 Namasteggs (in your choice of colors), the Special Edition Alignment and Flow DVD, and of course our 3ME Backpack. With this specially-priced package, you will receive everything you need to practice any type of yoga, and the DVD will show you where to begin. If you’re not a DVD person, then the Breakfast of Yogis will offer you the same variety of Eggs without the DVD. If you need more Eggs, you can look at the Egg Limbs of Yoga and the Four by Four. If you want to create your own color combination, you may do so by visiting our Egg Salad Bar.

Here’s what makes these Yin Yang Yoga packs such a good idea. Should you require more than 2 Eggs for your Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or Iyengar practice, you may supplement with Namasteggs.  Because the majority of your weight will not be on these extra Eggs, their softer density will not be a factor. Similarly, should you desire more support in your Restorative or Yin practice than 4 Eggs can provide, your Hard-Boiled Eggs can be used in ways that their increased hardness won’t bother you. If you are injured, older and wiser, or less flexible, you might even consider increasing your Yin Yang collection to include 8 or 9 Eggs.

You will notice that in spite of all this sage advice, we still offer Eggs in other combinations. That is because we are here for you, and you may have different desires than what we have outlined here. Whatever you decide and whatever you order, we are confident you will love your Eggs and that they will inspire, if not revolutionize, your yoga practice. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us with your questions. We welcome the opportunity to speak with our customers and if there’s anything we can do to help you, we hope you’ll give us that chance.

Scrambled Eggs

studio-starter-egg-salad-2-57625.1411504384.1280.1280.jpgWe have discount pricing for bulk quantities of our “Scrambled Eggs,” which are ideal for studio use. “Scrambled Eggs” are our scratch-n-dent product that is new and unused from the factory, but not up to our ridiculously high standards. When we notice something we don’t like about an Egg, we “Scramble” it, meaning we set it aside for studio use. These imperfections are very minor and in no way impact the durability or usability of these Eggs. Half they time, you won’t even notice them! Most of these marks would happen within a week of studio use anyway, so studios and teachers looking to provide their students with Eggs are grateful for the discount and unperturbed by the blemishes.

Premium Eggs

We also offer wholesale pricing on retail product if you would like to provide Eggs for your students to buy. Experience has taught us that if you use Eggs in your classes, students will want to own them for themselves. We highly recommend planning on 2–4 Eggs per person for Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Iyengar style classes, and 4–6 Eggs per person for Yin, Restorative, Senior, and Therapeutic yoga. If you intend to use the Eggs in both dynamic and restorative classes, you might want to order the Yin Yang Scrambled selections. Feel free to follow up with an email specifying colors you do or do not want. If you are teaching both Yin and Yang style classes, the ratio of Eggs you buy for your studio should generally be 4 Namasteggs for every 2 Hard-Boiled Eggs. Let us know in your email if you want something different. Whatever you decide, you won’t regret it. 

Thank you for making the Three Minute Egg® a part of your practice.