Jumbo Eggs - Hard-Boiled


Hard-Boiled Jumbo Eggs are our most stable and supportive Egg. They are 13" long, 5" tall and 4" thick, so they are perfect for bigger people. 'Bigger' is not a politically sensitive euphemism for overweight. We just mean anyone who is over 5'10" or has bigger hands. Hard-Boiled Eggs are designed for use in all weight bearing postures, where the Eggs are in your hands and your weight is on the Eggs. They are perfect for all standing postures, or when you need Eggs under your feet and toes. Jumbo Eggs are intended for taller people, or less flexible people. Jason is 6' tall and 210 pounds. He created these Jumbo Eggs because he realized this is what he needed for his practice. The extra length helps to protect your wrists and the extra width helps to stabilize your support.

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