Beginner Yoga

Using the Three Minute Egg® for Beginning Yoga

stretching pose with the Eggs

Are you new to yoga or afraid you’re not flexible enough to try?

The Three Minute Egg® bridges the gap between what an asana (posture) is supposed to look like and what your body may be capable of right now.  With the Three Minute Egg® and our introductory video, you’ll be able to safely maintain postures while growing in flexibility at your own pace.

  • Learn proper alignment without hurting yourself.
  • Develop a practice you can do every day.
  • Progress safely and quickly.

Beginner Yoga Postures
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“The Three Minute Egg® is one of the most innovative and useful yoga props I have ever encountered — this coming from a student of Iyengar yoga. … As a teacher, I am able to use the eggs with my senior citizen class to do supported back bends and a variety of poses that would be otherwise be unattainable.”
–Nicole Kintz
Yoga Instructor
Asheville, NC

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