Eggs by Use

The Three Minute Egg® is your One-Stop Yoga Prop. This new concept in yoga props combines the benefits of a yoga block, the comfort of a bolster, and the versatility of a blanket, and packs them into one incredibly beautiful, adaptable, light and easily transportable tool.

Eggs come in:

  • 4 Sizes
    • Junior (10")
    • Namastegg (12")
    • Jumbo (13") — Coming Soon!
    • Grande (21") — Coming Soon!
  • 3 Densities
    • Soft-Boiled (for restorative postures) — Coming Soon!
    • Multipurpose (for an all-around practice)
    • Hard-Boiled (for dynamic and weight-bearing postures)
  • 2 Kinds of Foam:
    • ECO Centric foam, which is 100% Biodegradable and meticulously engineered to biodegrade only in a landfill and not on your mat.
    • Classic foam (which is what everybody else uses).

Three Minute Egg is committed to making environmentally responsible products, so all of our props are MADE IN THE USA and as many as possible are made with an internationally patented ECO Centric foam.

Please read our 3ME Buyer's Guide

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