Branded Eggs

Co-branding opportunities with Three Minute Egg® are the ultimate win-win.  We have created some really amazing partnerships with a growing number of teachers and businesses. We’d love to see this trend continue with you!  Co-branding is good for everyone. You get the benefit of a relatively low initial investment in return for a very high quality product.  You also get the benefit of our marketing, branding, reputation and support.

Here are some basic facts you will want to know:
  1. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) — 144 Eggs (48 Eggs per color using existing colors.)
  2. LOGOS — Each Egg will have your logo/brand on one side and ours on the other.
  3. TOOLING — Logo tooling cost $500 per tool.
  4. SET-UP COST — $50 per run (after 1st run).
  5. PRICING — Product cost is the same as our volume-based wholesale pricing.
    • 144 Eggs — $10/Egg
    • 432 Eggs — $9/Egg
    • 2592 Eggs — $8/Egg
    • 8748 Eggs — $7/Egg (20′ Container)
  6. SHIPPING — Prices do not include shipping, customs, customs-broker fees or taxes if applicable. Shipping product to you from our warehouse or factory will be billed separately.
  7. CUSTOM COLORS — Custom Colors can be arranged but color matches are not guaranteed.  You will have a chance to approve the color before production.
    • There will be a non-refundable $500 deposit and a larger MOQ for custom colors.
    • Once a new color is created, 3ME reserves the right to add it to our product line.
    • We will not, however, allow another branded product to use your custom color so long as you reorder the same quantity or more within one year.
    • If you want complete exclusivity on a color (meaning 3ME wouldn’t use it either) there will be an additional $1000 charge and you will need to order the same quantity or more at least once a year to maintain exclusivity.
  8. ACCESSORIES — Backpacks or other similar items may be available with your logo only.  MOQs vary on accessories.
    • Existing Colors — 4 Months
    • Custom Colors — 6 to 8 Months
    • Accessories — 4 to 6 Months
    • 50% up front and 50% plus Shipping 2 weeks prior to FOB (Freight On Board).
    • Custom color deposits are non-refundable and need to be paid before color matching process begins.



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